RAUF-E Tablet is a combination medicine used to address heavy menstrual bleeding, also known as menorrhagia. This condition is characterized by abnormally heavy or long periods, which can lead to pain and disruption of daily activities. Moreover, it works by improving the ability of platelets to stick together and form blood clots.



  • Normalizes and Regulates menstrual flow
  • Reduces excessive bleeding during periods
  • Alleviates discomfort like cramping and bloating
  • Supports hormonal balance for menstrual health
  • It helps maintain healthy iron levels to prevent anemia

How to Take

Take 1-2 tablets twice daily after meals. Additionally, do not break or chew; swallow the tablets whole with water.

How to Store

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Also, keep it in the original packaging and out of reach of children.

Medical Benefits of RAUF-E Tablet:

  • Regulates Menstrual Flow

RAUF-E Tablets help regulate and normalize menstrual bleeding, reducing excessive flow.

  • Relieves Discomfort

It relieves discomfort associated with heavy periods, such as bloating and cramping.

  • Balances Hormones: 

The combination of TRANEXAMIC ACID 250 MG + ETAMSYLATE  250 MG in RAUF-E Tablets helps to slow down the abnormal bleeding and supports hormonal balance, which is important for menstrual health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Rauf E Tablet stop periods?

A: RAUF-ETablet controls heavy bleeding during periods and doesn’t stop periods. However, do not use this medicine for any indication without consulting your doctor.

Q: In which circumstances should I avoid taking the RAUF-E Tablet?

A: If you have a history of kidney failure or disease where blood clots form throughout your body, avoid taking this medicine.

Q: What are the common side effects of the RAUF-E Tablet?

A: The common side effects of Rauf E Tablets are vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, fever, back or joint pain, rash, severe headache, and muscle pain.

Q: Does the RAUF-E  Tablet affect fertility?

A: No, it may not affect your fertility. Also, it is only used to stop abnormal bleeding during heavy periods. However, if you notice any undesirable results while using this medicine, notify your doctor immediately.

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